Q. What is People of Life?

People of Life is the Pro-Life Action Campaign serving the Church's mission to proclaim that each human life is a precious gift from God. With your support, the USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities works towards building a culture that respects and protects all human life. People of Life affirms our responsibility to serve God and others by protecting the most vulnerable among us: the unborn and their mothers, the elderly, and all whose lives are threatened.

Our work is guided by the Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities, which calls upon the Church—its people, services, and institutions—to pursue this effort in four major areas: public information and education, prayer and worship, public policy, and pastoral care.

Our combined efforts as People of Life involves clergy, religious, and lay persons. We invite people like you, People of Life, to collaborate in this important effort to build a culture that welcomes, respects, and protects every human life.

Q. What does my donation support?

Your donation supports the Church's efforts to educate on pro-life issues, encourage pro-life prayer and worship, provide pastoral care to those in need, and advocate for the protection of all human life.

Q. Why are there fees associated with a gift?

The ability and convenience of donating online results in the need for technical and other assistance to People of Life. The fees cover technical support, robust and secure giving technology, web-page hosting, organizational management and other behind-the-scenes components that allow People of Life to focus on its mission. All donations will be paid to the chosen program, net the platform and ACH and/or credit card transaction fees. ACH fees total 3.4% plus $3.00. Platform and credit card transaction fees total 5.9% plus $0.30. Platform fees break down as follows: 2% goes to GiveGab, the technology partner, and 1.4% goes to #iGiveCatholic for their organizational guidance to People of Life. The credit card transaction fee is 2.5% plus $0.30. Donors have the option to cover these fees for People of Life at the time of donation and they will receive a tax deduction on the full donation amount.

Q. Can I make a contribution via direct mail?

Yes, you can support People of Life with a tax deductible donation by mailing this form with a check made payable to "People of Life" to: People of Life, P.O. Box 97205, Washington, D.C. 20077-7115.